Great article, thank you. I greatly enjoy reading your content.

" [snip]. . . "and our leaders are standing by."

Our leaders are not standing by; they're actively participating in this genocide. Very recently Biden authorized more than 340,000,000.00 worth of weapons to Isreal. The US continues it's genocide against brown skinned people that it started right here in the good ol' U S of A., where they eliminated an estimated 95% of the Indigenous population.

Did you know that Hitler modeled his genocide of gypsies, gays, the disabled, & Jews using what he knew of the US's war against the Indigenous?

Shahid Buttar had some very insightful things to say about it. https://shahidbuttar.substack.com/p/indigenous-lives-matter-from-north

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That's a fair point, I was probably being a little glib in the opening. The US is very much backing the destruction of Gaza, and it's not just the US - here in the UK the Tory government refuses to stop the sale of arms to Israel and the opposition won't even call for a ceasefire.

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