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I loved this letter and looking through the linked articles. It's fascinating to look back on old reports and see the hints of what was to come. I especially loved the quote from Mike Mckim.

I was young in the 2000's, so this is my first time reading about the stealth stores. The Reserve locations and their $20 siphon coffees feel like a natural next step when you consider their desire to remain relevant in the localism movement, along with the special barista training that the NYT covered. It's slow-ish coffee.

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I remember visiting Starbucks stealth store in Seattle. Being a owner of a small coffee shop in southern Brazil we found it an interesting concept. Now that I have a chain of coffee shops of my own, I believe I will sell at some point to a larger coffee company. This concept that keeping the concept, brand and coffee original makes it easier for the buyer and example of George Howells troubles the potential cons in rebranding. I love the fact that you write about this. Very niche but great for us!

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