Thanks for putting this out there. There is so much I could say here and when I find time to give a more thoughtful reply,I will. Third wave catechisms, however zealously embraced, do not lead to better espresso,for instance. i drink only straight espresso and most of the new roasting operations are third wave in the sense that they accept all the things their contemporaries say. All I really want is coffee that tastes good,TO ME, not under roasted, nearly green geisha or whatever the hell with notes of citrus,blah,blah ,blah. Not only are most tasting notes near worthless, they are only the usual preaching to the choir, customers be damned. One of my best friends is among the top wine guys on the planet and he says a similar wave of nonsense has entered the wine world under the moniker "natural' wines.

The other important elephant in the room is that the marketing around all this,although at times beautiful and bewitching to some,, ignores what it actually takes to get bodies through the door. Said another way, you end up with the very limited demographic to whom you have thrown out the usual fetishistic bait.

Not all coffee drinkers are coffee geeks.

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